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      Beijing Lantron Seed Corp (BLS) is a seed company found by renowned corn breeder Yibo Wang and other breeders and entrepreneurs. Our company is a leader in China’s seed industry and is known in China for its top line high yielding proprietary corn hybrids and its market-leading breeding research, seed production, marketing and sale practice, and customer service. Our core values are "Integrity and Trust,Growing Together"; our mission as a company is “Constant Innovation for the Benefit of Millions of Farmers”; our company’s pledge is “Four world classes”: “world class technology and product, world class quality, world class management, and world class service”. Breeding top line corn hybrid is our mission and focus.  
     In September 2013, BLS was awarded “The 5 star most trustworthy company ” by Beijing Seed Enterprise Association; in July 2013, BLS was named as one of the 56 credit backbone seed companies in China seed industry by China National Seed Association (CNSA), ranking 22th on the list; in 2012, BLS was granted the National Seed Sale License by the Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China, only 32 companies among over 8000 registered seed companies in China have such License. 
     We have two well-known corn hybrid brands: the Zhongke brand (means China Science) and Lantron brand (means united innovation). We have currently 21 commercial corn hybrids widely growing cross the nation; among them, Zhongke 11 past national test and provincial tests for summer corn as No. 1 in yielding in 2006, and was No. 1 in Huaxian National Yield Contesting in 2007, It became No. 4 nationally by growing acreage in 2011, it is nominated the highly recommended hybrids five years in a row (2009-2013) by the Ministry of Agriculture; Zhongke 4 is among the top 6 by growing acreage nationwide in 2009 and 2010, and the top 3 hybrids in Henan and Anhui province by acreage. 
     BSL has participated in many national research initiatives, including: National Spark Program, National "948" Major International Cooperation Initiatives, the Ministry of Science Agricultural Technology commercialization funds supported projects, the Ministry of Agriculture Seed industry restructuring projects, and the Beijing high-growth company innovation projects.

                  Beijing Lantron Headquarter, at Zhongguancun Distric, Beijing, China

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